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About Fine Period Homes

For the last 25 years Jim Laverdiere and his team of restoration craftsmen have been restoring and reselling finely restored antique homes in the North Shore Boston Massachusetts areas. Fine Period Homes Inc. was created because of Jim Laverdiere’s desire to save these antique houses and to show people their true beauty and architectural character when properly restored and furnished.

Fine Period Homes Inc. is a property development company devoted to selling our customers the finest antique homes on the real-estate market today.

With a great depth of knowledge in antique furniture and American decorative arts Fine Period Homes Inc. will also help in finding you the proper furnishings and decorative arts that meet your needs and that will fit your budget. If you are looking to buy a “Fine Period Home” stay tuned to see what FPH’s will have for sale next!

Fine Period Homes Statement of Quality

Period Home Craftsmanship

Period homes were built by skilled and highly trained craftsmen who took great pride in their work. When Fine Period Homes Inc. takes on a restoration project, we strive to replicate or surpass the level of quality that the original craftsmen attained. When we need to reproduce or repair architectural components we use high quality materials, we master fine proportions, and we strive for perfect fit and finish while preserving the beauty and old character.

A home restored by Fine Period Homes Inc. will last many more generations to come because we use fine building materials, solid woods and take pride in maintaining a high level of workmanship.

Antique homes have great character and they were built to last, outliving generations of owners. They were built with old growth solid wood and without composites of glued together particles of wood, plastic, and sawdust. Many homes built only fifteen to twenty years ago are deteriorating rapidly due to poor building materials and substandard building practices.

Of equal importance to the restoration of a period home is the quality of the modern conveniences and utilities that are installed. We require the utilities to be state of the art, of the highest quality, and installations must be done to the highest standard. We strive for fit and finish with elegance and convenience.

The buyer of a home that has been restored by Fine Period Homes Inc. may be rest assured that all problems that their antique home may have had, have been solved by our restoration team. The buyer will be able to enjoy their antique home for many years to come without question.




American Furniture and Decorative Arts

American Period Furniture and Decorative Arts

We have over thirty years experience collecting, researching and living with American antique furniture and New England decorative arts. We are glad to share our experience with our customers and are happy to offer them a period home complete with furnishings and decorative arts from the period.

Living in a period home surrounded by antiques and artifacts of the period is an interesting and rewarding way of life. There is always an object or piece of furniture we are researching and there is always something more to learn about the period of history that surrounds us.

Our Customers

Fine furniture and decorative arts

Our customers are people that purchase one of our restored homes because they feel a connection to historic figures, places and things just like we do. Our customers have an appreciation for the beauty, craftsmanship, and correct proportions of the timeless treasures that we are preserving.

Our customers are antique furniture and decorative arts enthusiasts needing or wanting a great showplace for their art and antique collections.

Our customers appreciate the care taken by our restoration team to restore period detail and retain antique charm, while assuring that all utility systems are state of the art and structural problems are solved.

Our customers share our passion for fine period homes.

Our customers appreciate the uniqueness of the fine features of the homes that we preserve and the promise that each home that we restore is a one of a kind historic treasure.


Our Testimonials

  • I am pleased to be the owner of a wonderful historic home built in 1707 for James Smith and restored by James Laverdiere from 1993-1997. Jim restored original detail and preserved important historic components while creating a warm and comfortable home with modern conveniences. From the reproduction of the fine first period diamond pane, leaded glass casement windows to the extensive restoration of every original fireplace and every original period paneled wall, no detail was overlooked. The wonderful finishes and textures throughout the home coupled with the careful attention to detail resulted in a truly well done and beautiful historic restoration.

    Amy R.
  • c.1690-1700 The Day House
    When I first saw the Day House, I was immediately taken with its charm and character. The circa 1690’s antique home had been carefully dismantled re-erected and restored by Jim Laverdiere. He seamlessly attached it to a Royal Berry Wills style extended cape on a rural 5.5 acre site in a suburban New England town. The property included an 18th century barn that was dismantled nearby and re-erected on the site by Jim, creating an estate—like setting. The period finishes coupled with new high quality utilities, held my attention. The feeling that the Day House would be a perfect home for my collections piqued my interest and led me to purchase the property.
    View the Day House

    Howard G. “David” Davis
  • 1796 The Moor House
    The wonderful antique home we own was built in 1796 and was authentically and professionally restored by Jim Laverdiere from 2008-2010. When we purchased the house from Jim in 2010, we were thrilled with his restoration work and impressed with his use of the decorative arts in the home’s décor. We begin every dinner party with a tour and people love the house from the restored period rooms and fireplaces to its immaculate basement and finished garage.
    View the Moor House

    J and M
  • We have the privilege of owning a house which was restored by Jim Laverdiere and can attest first hand to his immense knowledge of historical homes, authentic craftsmanship and immaculate attention to period detail.

    Vicki S.


We consider home restoration a form of art. With an eye for correct proportion and inherent beauty, we meticulously do our preservation work. If you also appreciate the beauty of fine period detail and have an interest in the preservation of historic treasures, please view the portfolio of our restored period homes. We hope you take your time, and enjoy!

Contact Us

We are always interested in hearing from our clients as well as potential customers, so please feel free to email us below or call Jim Laverdiere at 978-561-3165.

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